• Improve your life expectancy. A Type II diabetic on average dies 15 years younger than normal

  • Minimise the risk to developing a heart attack or stroke which is 2 to 3 times higher for Diabetics

  • Controls blood glucose levels throughout the day

  • Increases your insulin sensitivity

  • Helps with weight loss

Diabetes Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

One of the healthiest forms of fat, high in MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglyerides) and proven to help stabilise blood sugar levels

Diabetes Protein Blend

Time Released Protein Blend

Our superior time release protein blend is of the highest quality and derived only from grass fed Irish cattle

Diabetes Oligofructose

Oligofructose Enriched Inulin

The very best pre-biotic fibre derived from chicory root with added Guar Gum, both proven to help stabilise blood sugar levels

Diabetes Stevia Leaf

Stevia Leaf Extract

Naturally sweetened with Stevia. New Research suggests Artificial Sweeteners can increase the risk of diabetes in just 2 weeks

Diabetic Protein
Diabetic Protein Solution Flavours
Diabetic Protein Nutrition
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